Making Democracy Work

Judge Traffic Court, Division D

Steven Jupiter



650 Poydras St., Suite 2015
New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: 504 533-8720 Fax: 504 644-4179


PROFESSION: Attorney at Law

PRESENT EMPLOYER/POSITION (if self-employed, what type of business): I am the owner/sole proprietor of Jupiter Law Firm, LLC and I am of Counsel for Haley Law Firm, LLC Both of these businesses are law offices representing individuals, small businesses, municipalities and governmental agencies throughout various courts in Louisiana.

HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION (include graduation date): Juris Doctor from Catholic University of America, May 1996

APPLICABLE TRAINING: Throughout my 17 years of legal experience, I have practiced in Civil court, Criminal Court,Traffic Court, Juvenile Court, Federal Court and Appellate Court representing plaintiffs and defendants. These experiences have taught me the great value of trying to understand both perspectives.

CIVIC EXPERIENCE (100 WORD LIMIT): I've had a lifelong commitment to community service. I am a member of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee (District C); I volunteer with the Juvenile Court Conflict Attorney Panel. Park Timbers Homeowners' Association; Former Vice President of the Parish Council for Holy Spirit Catholic Church; Former Board Member, Holy Cross Neighborhood Association. NAACP Gulf Coast Advocacy Center (Policy Outreach Manager); Louisiana Justice Institute.


In 2012, I was elected to the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee for District C (OPDEC) I currently serve on the By-Laws Committee for OPDEC.

(400 word limit for answers to all questions)

1. How can electronic media be used to improve the efficiency of Traffic Court?

I am in favor of ease of use and improving the court's ability to serve the public more effectively through technology such as: Automated Confirmations of Hearings and Payment Deadlines. Using personalized email, telephone, text messages to makes it easy and convenient for defendants to confirm hearings, request continuances, make their payments and/or request extensions, thereby increasing confirmation rates, decreasing no-shows.

2. What other plans do you have to improve the efficiency of the Court?

Using a case management system that will improve and expedite scheduling and processing of cases and increase information sharing and access among all the users and stakeholders, (court staff defendants, law enforcement, probation officers].

Maximizing time and resources of all stakeholders, particularly, NOPD by taking into account the officer's schedule so that the court can consolidate their court appearances and help reduce case dismissals because of officer no shows or scheduling conflicts. Utilizing video conferencing for officers/expert witnesses who cannot physically appear in court.

3. What experience have you had with Traffic Court and why do you consider yourself qualified for the position?

Throughout my 17 years of practice, I have represented clients in Traffic Court for offenses ranging from expired brake tags to DWI. I have a firm understanding of the law and legal procedure of Traffic court.

I am qualified because I have the necessary experience, temperament, compassion and integrity to serve as Traffic Court Judge.

4. If elected will Traffic Court Judge be a full-time position for you?

My judicial responsibilities would be my top priority and I would spend whatever time is required to fulfill my duties. If time permits, I will continue practicing law.

5. Do you support cutting the number of judges at traffic and municipal courts? Why or why not?

The issue of cutting the number of judges needs to be further analyzed by the Judicial Council and the Louisiana legislature. As pointed out in the BGR report, it is necessary for the Judicial Council to complete their site visits to Traffic and Municipal Court and to update their statistics regarding the current case load as compared to the number of cases pending in 2007.