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CANDIDATE GUIDE - Fall 2011 - Jefferson Parish

Click Here for list of offices up for re-election this fall. October 3, 2011 target release date for individual candidate information.

State Offices

Click Here to go to the League of Women Voters of Louisiana website for Fall 2011 election information on voting, statewide candidates' answers to our questions and the constitutional amendments to be decided.

State Senators

State Senator 3rd Senatorial District
J.P. Morrell - elected

State Senator 5th Senatorial District
Karen Carter Peterson - Unopposed

State Senator 7th Senatorial District
David Heitmeier - Unopposed

State Senator 8th Senatorial District
John A. Alario, Jr. - Unopposed

State Senator 9th Senatorial District
Conrad Appel - Unopposed

State Senator 10th Senatorial District
Daniel R. "Danny" Martiny - Unopposed

State Senator 19th Senatorial District
Gary L. Smmith, Jr. - elected

State Representatives

State Representative 54th Representative District
Jerry "Truck" Gisclair - Elected

State Representative 78th Representative District
Kirk Talbot - Unopposed

State Representative 79th Representative District
Anthony V. "Tony" Ligi - Unopposed

State Representative 80th Representative District
Joseph Lopinto - Unopposed

State Representative 82nd Representative District
J. Cameron Henry, Jr. - Unopposed

State Representative 83rd Representative District
Robert E. Billot - Elected

State Representative 84th Representative District
Patrick Connick - Unopposed

State Representative 85th Representative District
Bryan Adams - Elected

State Representative 87th Representative District
Girod H. Jackson - Elected

State Representative 92nd Representative District
"Tom" Willmott - Unopposed

State Representative 94th Representative District
Nicholas "Nick" Larusso - Elected

State Representative 105th Representative District
Run Off

Parish Offices

Newell Normand - Elected

Clerk of Court
Jon A. Gegenheimer - Unopposed

Thomas J. Capella - Unopposed

"Gerry" Cvitanovich - Unopposed

Parish President
John Young - Unopposed

Councilman at Large Division A
Christopher "Chris" Roberts - Unopposed

Councilman at Large Division B
Elton M. Lagasse - Unopposed

Councilman District 1
Ricky Templet - Elected

Councilman District 2
Paul Johnston - Unopposed

Councilman District 3
Run Off

Councilman District 4
"Ben" Zahn - Elected

Councilman District 5
Cynthia Lee-Sheng - Unopposed